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Fox IT partners with VMware to take ITIL IT Service Management (ITSM) into the cloud
Fox IT has partnered with VMware to take IT Service Management (ITSM) into 'the cloud'.
ITSM 2.0 is a new ITSM framework that has been designed to help organizations manage their IT functions in this shift, covering and integrating both on-premise and cloud infrastructures. ITSM 2.0, which is free to access online, is based on VMware's virtualization and cloud solutions and is enabled by frameworks such as ITIL and Cobit. Investments already made in best practices can be used as a foundation for adoption of ITSM 2.0.
Fox IT state that, ITSM 2.0: "bridges the gap between new technologies and current management best practices, enabling organisations to successfully transform and integrate IT Service Delivery into the cloud."
ITSM 2.0 complements other ITSM frameworks by defining process groups and mapping them to organizational functions. These include Consumer Management, Portfolio Management, Zone Management, Private Operations Management and Public Operations Management. It also gives specific, comprehensive guidance which embeds technology and processes.
Fox IT believes that by developing the ITSM 2.0 framework, is creating a virtuous circle. Therefore, "Leveraging VMware technology, the ITSM 2.0 framework will accelerate adoption of cloud and virtualisation technologies".
Significant changes in the technology market are revolutionising the way IT services are sourced and delivered," says Paul Speers, Managing Director, Fox IT. "While this is good news for business, the increased speed and fluidity of change in modern environments present management challenges."
"With 30 years' experience in authoring, developing and implementing Service Management frameworks, we are convinced ITSM 2.0 represents a key milestone in moving to cloud based services," adds Speers. "VMware's unrivalled virtualisation and cloud expertise has been integral to the framework's development, and we look forward to working with VMware in empowering organisations to realise the benefits of cloud more quickly."
The shift to the cloud, especially single-server virtualization arguably intensifies the need for ITIL processes and with this excellent ITIL training and certification. While there are fewer servers-and by extension less software that can get buggy and require updating, which saves on IT costs-that creates additional pressure to keep the ones in place fully operational and current.
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...