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17 November 2011, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK
TUI InfoTec has drastically improved its IT Service Management (ITSM) by focussing on customer needs and implementing cultural change. Michael Cares, Director of Service Delivery at TUI InfoTec, lead the transformation with the help of SERVIEW, an APMG Accredited Training Organization.
Michael realized that despite having an efficient, technically advanced IT department, it wasn't delivering the correct service to the organization resulting in dissatisfied customers. After analyzing how his division served the wider organization, Michael decided that cultural change was necessary in order for the IT team to start thinking not in technical terms but in business terms.
The structure of the IT department was rearranged to allow focus on delivery, compliance and governance. A few team members were sent on an ITIL® training course to develop their understanding of service management. SERVIEW highlighted that ITIL is not a solution but a guideline and suggested that TUI InfoTec establish an ITSM culture rather than focus on the theory of ITIL. With transformational change the norm at TUI InfoTec, Michael sought approval from Heinz Kreuzer, TUI InfoTec's CEO, who agreed with the initiative. With senior management support, Michael was able to start implementing a culture of service management.
"We didn't concentrate on processes or technology - we focused on the people changes as we believe that 50% of the effort has nothing to do with process." Michael said. By being clear and honest about changes, while emphasising potential opportunities, Michael got the vast majority of employees on board. Particular emphasis was put on teaching people what ITSM really meant and part of this was delivering ITIL foundation training followed by certification. Importantly, employees were given time to adjust from focussing on technical infrastructure to Service Delivery to ensure quality of delivery to customers.
TUI InfoTec saw an improvement in customer satisfaction levels early on in the process and three years in costs and number of incidents were down and service had increased. They aimed for continuous improvement through customer surveys and feedback, allowing staff to see how their work affected the customer and therefore improve services further. TUI InfoTec moved up 4 maturity levels in 6 years and the then went for and achieved ISO 20000 and 27001 certification.
Looking forward, Michael hopes to keep the organization current by regularly exchanging ideas with colleagues and also through establishing relationships with customers and industry partners. Through open discussion and practical examples, SERVIEW were able to give TUI InfoTec a thorough understanding of ITIL. Michael gives credit to them for his success and also to the support of Heinz Kreuzer, and of course to the team at TUI InfoTec.
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About TUI InfoTec
TUI InfoTec is a German Indian IT service provider specializing in IT outsourcing and off shoring as well as IT solutions for travel and tourism. It provides total solution packages for IT outsourcing from infrastructure to application development or partial solution packages for outsourcing individual IT applications, IT services or data centre services.
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Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...