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NAAFI's newly centralised service desk reaps efficiencies and improves customer service with new Fast Track ITIL processes and customer SelfService
The Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) has selected Hornbill's Supportworks ITSM Foundations service desk software for its new centralised service desk, supporting thousands of staff in locations worldwide. The NAAFI selected Hornbill"s "bite-size" ITIL software from several other competitive solutions to enable it to implement the core ITIL processes without the cost or complexity of a more comprehensive service management system. Since implementing Supportworks in just six weeks from first demonstration, the NAAFI has improved both its service to end users and its IT infrastructure management with the adoption of ITIL best practice.
According to Adiele Goodwill, IT Operations Manager at NAAFI; "Our business driver for selecting new helpdesk software was the efficiency gain of centralising our two service functions in-house with an ITIL-compatible solution. The software needed to support the three core ITIL processes for Incident, Problem and Change management. Consolidating the helpdesk functionality was key to ensure that we could streamline our IT systems and benefit from business efficiencies while providing a "one-stop shop" to end users.
"We looked at other solutions but found they were too complex for our current needs. Hornbill's 'bite-size' solution fitted our requirements - it offered the core ITIL functionality yet still looked so easy to use. When we have mastered the core ITIL processes, we have the option of upgrading to Supportworks ITSM Enterprise to introduce additional processes.  Choosing Supportworks ITSM Foundations and the Fast Track implementation meant that we were able to go live within just six weeks of our first demonstration," said Adiele Goodwill.
As well as the ability to deploy Supportworks ITSM Foundations quickly, the NAAFI also rated the web SelfService feature and knowledgebase highly. While the service desk is manned from 7am to 10pm, the SelfService portal ensures customers can always log or view the status of a call after hours. Populating the Supportworks KnowledgeBase with known problems and answers reduces the number of calls to the service desk. The ability to identify problems quickly and resolve them has helped the IT team to improve customer service and meet their SLAs.
NAAFI is now considering the implementation of Assetworks asset discovery software to provide greater visibility of its assets at its many different locations.
Frank McIlroy, CEO of Hornbill Service Management said; "Today, it's all about doing more for less: the challenge is the same the world over in both public and commercial spheres. Times have changed for IT service departments too, they are no longer simply focused on technology, they must prove its business value as well. Bite-Size ITIL can help IT to quickly achieve better service with the same resource and, more importantly, demonstrate ROI in business terms."
Since 1921, NAAFI has actively supported Britain's Armed Forces, side by side in campaigns all around the world, providing an important link to home for the men and women who continue to bravely represent our country.  NAAFI is a "not for profit" organisation, with no shareholders to reward. Created and managed solely to serve the Services, NAAFI provides convenience to the Services and their families through catering, retail and leisure (CRL) facilities. NAAFI currently has facilities in Afghanistan, Germany, Falklands, Gibraltar, Brunei, Ascension islands, Northern Ireland and on board Royal Navy Ships.
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About Hornbill
Hornbill develops and markets Supportworks: platform technology and applications for IT Service Management and business helpdesks. Hornbill"s software enables its customers to provide excellent service and support, while benefiting from the economies of consolidation on a single technology platform. Supportworks" service desk software is designed for rapid deployment within any IT or business support environment, including ITIL-compatible IT Service Management, IT Helpdesk, Customer Service, HR and Facilities Management with the flexibility to build additional desks at minimal extra cost. Hornbill"s software supports thousands of commercial and governmental sites worldwide. Hornbill was founded in 1995 and has offices in London and Dallas.
Hornbill has earned many industry accolades including; Service Desk Institute "IT Service and Support Technology Supplier of the Year", "Best Business use of Support Technology" with Sharp Electronics and "Support Excellence Award for Smaller Helpdesks" with Camelot. High profile customers include Atos Origin (Olympic Games Athens 2004, Torino 2006, Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010), Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Kent County Council, London School of Economics, RSPB, Chubb Insurance, Greggs, Comet, The National Archives, and Camelot.
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...