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Deploy & Improve methodology
17 April 2012 - ICCM Solutions is set to launch its Deploy & Improve methodology at the 2012 Service Desk & IT Support Show, to maximise the business value realised by customers when replacing legacy service management systems.
The Deploy & Improve methodology has been developed to ensure that, when displacing legacy service management systems, ICCM customers realise immediate benefits and then go on to realise continuing service improvements. The methodology is underpinned by structured agile processes, audits and mentoring.
James Gay, CEO at ICCM Solutions, says, "Analysts today report the average industry turnover rate of service management products to be five years; I believe this technology churn is a result of many service management tools being inflexible, with processes that, at best, meet the current needs of isolated parts of an organisation.
As businesses evolve, or seek wider service management integration, these inflexible tools are shown to be inadequate. Businesses cannot foresee every future eventuality, but they can select a service management platform that is flexible enough to support wider business process integration and continuous process improvement.
During the 'Deploy' phase it is imperative to ensure business continuity and to realise some quick wins, yet achieving these require a sound methodology. Moving to the 'Improve' phase; many service management vendors fail to help their customers implement an effective methodology. The ICCM methodology uses evidence-based decision making to enable businesses to realise extraordinary service management."
Visit ICCM Solutions at stand 610 at the 2012 Service Desk & IT Support Show to discuss how the Deploy & Improve methodology can help your business.
About ICCM Solutions
One of the overriding directives of ICCM Solutions is the simplification of complexity in Service Management environments. Founded in 1998 ICCM provides a global client base with sophisticated ITIL aligned Service Management Solutions built on Business Process Management (BPM) Architecture, from OpenText Metastorm BPM .
The BPM platform provides ICCM clients the opportunities to implement and deliver successful technology strategies to ensure the collaboration between the business and IT - ultimately reaping the rewards of business innovation and competitive advantage.
ICCM's software allows organisations to support and drive best practice, via a turnkey technology, and is available as a "Commercial off the Shelf" Solution.
ICCM Solutions was named a Gartner 'Cool' Vendor in 2010. For further information visit
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...