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iET ITSM software ITIL processes
iET Solutions, a global provider of software solutions for service management and software asset management, has achieved internationally recognized ITIL® 2011 certification for its iET ITSM service management software. The certification covers twelve processes managed by iET ITSM version 6.
iET ITSM is a flexible, scalable, easily configurable IT service management solution that is suitable both for large and mid-size enterprises.
The certification was undertaken by Glenfis AG, one of only two official ITIL® software assessors licensed by the official ITIL® accreditor, APM Group Ltd.
Martin Andenmatten, CEO of Glenfis AG,said:
"Official certification confirms that a software product complies with the ITIL® Software Scheme and helps users identify solutions that follow ITIL® best practice. iET ITSM has been carefully examined by our experts, and it fully meets the requirements for software functionality set out by the APM Group. With this certification we verify that iET ITSM 6 is fully aligned with the ITIL® guidelines."
Glenfis considered the following twelve processes in respect of functionality and process integration and certified that iET ITSM conforms with best practice:
1 Incident Management
2 Problem Management
3 Change Management
4 Service Asset & Configuration Management
5 Request Fulfillment
6 Service Level Management
7 Knowledge Management
8 Release & Deployment Management
9 Service Portfolio Management
10 Service Catalogue Management
11 Event Management
12 Availability Management

"The renewed accreditation demonstrates to our customers and prospects that iET ITSM continues to incorporate the latest ITIL® recommendations. This acknowledgment by independent experts is particularly important for organizations that want to optimize their processes through ISO 20000 certification or the ITIL® initiative," explained Tobias Müller, Product Manager at iET Solutions.

Glenfis AG is an independent consultant and accredited training company specializing in the design and implementation of integrated and comprehensive IT governance software and processes. It has performed certifications for the APM Group Ltd since 2011.
The APM Group Ltd. is an internationally recognized accreditation, certification and qualification body. Under the strategic partnership with the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), the APM Group Ltd assigns and licenses the use of the OGC trademarks, including ITIL ®. The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL ®) is a collection of best practices that describe the implementation of IT service management and is internationally recognized as the de facto industry standard.
About Glenfis
Glenfis AG is a licensed OGC & APMG IT Service Management software assessor. In this role Glenfis assesses tool solutions in terms of their compatibility with the high level ITIL ® Edition 2011 process requirements. In addition, Glenfis is an independent consulting and accredited training organization -  focused on the development and implementation of an integrated and comprehensive IT governance. We always take into consideration the areas of conflict between the required business value and the necessary IT compliance. For Glenfis this is by no means a paradox, because we develop IT service and lifecycle concepts, which are not only targeted at your strategic business objectives, but also ensure the compliance with all regulatory specifications.
At the same time we build on the IT Service Management (ITSM) approach and on international standards and frameworks such as COBIT, ITIL, ISO 20000, ISO 27000 or TOGAF. And we always focus on the whole area of application: taking Service Strategy as a starting point, to Service Design and Service Transition up to service operation.
More information is available at: 
About iET Solutions (
iET Solutions is a leading global supplier of service management and Software Asset Management solutions. The company's flexible software suites allow its customers to fulfill compliance requirements, mitigate audit risks and realize business value by managing, automating and continually improving their services.
iET ITSM, the IT Service Management solution, is designed to support ITIL best practices. iET Solutions has been awarded with certifications from the OGC, now part of the Cabinet Office, the APM Group and the PinkVERIFYââ€Å¾¢ 3.1 certification for 12 ITIL® processes. Additional components are available to help businesses manage their IT infrastructure (CMS/CMDB), manage licenses and entitlements and analyze and optimize business processes. More than 600 companies in 26 countries benefit from the iET Solutions software offerings. iET Solutions is a division of UNICOM Global, which operates in every major market worldwide via US and European subsidiaries and a network of international business partners.
iET Solutions is now part of Macro 4 Limited in the UK.
Media Contact
Uday Radia
CloudNine PR Agency
+44(0)7940 584161
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...