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PROLIN IT Service Management ITSM as a Service
PROLIN Provides Frictionless Path to the Future of ITSM
Woodside, California - April 27, 2010 - PROLIN, a pioneer in Service Desk software for IT Service Management (ITSM) and innovator in SaaS-based ITSM product development, today announced the company's re-formation and the commercial release of its first product, Smart Client 7.  PROLIN's Smart Client 7 delivers a state-of-the-art, high-performance, smart client interface as a seamless add-on that extends the functionality of HP Service Desk 4.5.  Hundreds of beta users have already benefited from their smooth transition to PROLIN's Smart Client 7 and will now try out the commercial release with a free product trial.  
Smart Client 7 features more than 25 improvements to the HP Service Desk 4.5 client interface.  The PROLIN suite extends the life of HP Service Desk installations with a frictionless, effortless, non-disruptive path to the future of ITSM.  Smart Client 7 requires no migration, creates no risk (can run in parallel with the HP client), and has a very low total cost of ownership.  In addition, customers can continue to use all of their HP BTO products.
PROLIN's experienced Information Technology Infrastructure Libraries (ITIL) and ITSM engineering team uses leading-edge software development processes, including an advanced build server, code metric reporting, and continuous integration, along with the Test-Driven Development (TDD) methodology, for creating and continuously improving Smart Client 7 and the other ITSM products on PROLIN's ambitious product development roadmap.
"After an initial introduction to PROLIN Smart Client 7, it looks to be the perfect successor for HP Service Desk 4.5," said Guus Dijksman, Asset Manager, of RTL Netherlands. "We are very impressed with the solution and the use of all the latest technologies. With good cooperation between PROLIN and RTL Netherlands, we are now preparing for a smooth migration from HP to PROLIN."
"We have re-formed PROLIN, which we originally founded in the '80s and sold to HP in the '90s, to bring a new approach to the world of ITIL-based ITSM," said Jerome H. Mol, PROLIN founder.  "Many HP customers are satisfied with the stability of their Service Desk system and are worried, now that HP has announced the end of its development and support.  PROLIN has been re-formed to modernize HP Service Desk with SaaS-based, public- and private-cloud solutions, and ultimately provide a new approach to ITSM."
PROLIN, the renowned pioneer in ITIL-based ITSM in the '80s and '90s, has reunited to revitalize IT Service Management. PROLIN's team of experienced engineering and business professionals is focused on bringing leading-edge technology and fun back to IT service management. PROLIN is privately held and has headquarters in Woodside, California, USA.  For more information, please visit: 
PROLIN IT Service Management ITSM as a Service
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