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Axios Systems
Outlines delivering Service Value Management strategy to drive adoption and value into IT Service Management initiatives
30 June, 2009 - Axios Systems, the world's leading provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, today announced its strategy for 2009 and beyond, outlining plans to significantly expand and enhance its assyst solution, partner network and global footprint to support its Service Value Management (SVM) vision. Working directly with customers and through its global partner network, Axios will focus on helping CIOs, IT Directors and ITSM Managers transition from being a reactive cost centre to the business transformation and growth centre that businesses are counting on.
Today, the adoption of ITSM and best practices is growing.  Research indicates that many customers are struggling to achieve the goal of delivering value in alignment with the organisation's objectives and using technology as an enabler to grow the business.  According to Axios, Service Value is the piece of the puzzle that has been missing in the best practice of delivering technology based services to the business. Consequently, Axios plans to maximise this opportunity with the announcement of its strategy that provides a more achievable journey for organisations to communicate and manage Service Value, align IT services to changing business needs, reduce costs, and drive innovation and growth.
This innovative Axios Systems strategy does not only offer customers a complete set of ITSM solutions that address operational efficiencies, service optimisation and real-time business agility based upon its core assyst solution, but also how to communicate and deliver Service Value. The Axios solution offers a lifecycle approach through the integration of ITSM disciplines including Incident, Problem, Change, Asset and Configuration and Service Level Management in a single solution. Designed and built upon the ITIL best practices foundation principles, assyst provides next generation functionality that supports the requirements of IT to achieve value in the delivery of services to the business.
Axios is already working with customers and partners around the world including Arab Bank, Hull City Council, Northgate, Swisscom, Standard Bank, Virgin Money and Aviva to help them achieve and deliver Service Value. Organisations can benefit in many ways from deploying assyst to support their ITSM initiatives including:
·         Incident and Problem Management - In many cases, assyst can help organisations reduce service restoration time and business impact of incidents by more than 50 per cent, improving customer retention, service quality, and above all responsiveness. Being pro-active is key to adding value to the organisations services.
·         Change and Configuration Management - As many organisations are undertaking major IT modernisation and transformation projects driven by the global economic conditions, Change and Configuration Management is business critical. assyst can reduce "emergency" and failed changes by half, controlling risk, improving resource allocations and automating governance and auditability. The days of untested and not duly authorised changes should be something of the past.
·         Service Management - Driving efficiencies and optimising resources is a key initiative for IT departments today, and assyst enables IT to increase resource efficiencies by more than 30 per cent, while reducing the effort in reporting on services to the business by 75 per cent. Furthermore, assyst helps companies manage services in real-time to ensure continual service improvement.
Yvonne Batchelor, ISO20000 Programme / Service Level Manager, Service Birmingham, an Axios customer, said, "We were able to improve service performance and responsiveness using the automation provided by assyst.  Operationally, service desks were rationalised, email speed increased and traffic grew, while reliability of service significantly improved with service desk calls being answered 80% of the time in <20 seconds, up from only 40% previously.  Regarding the optimisation of services, costs were reduced through efficiencies and automation. In addition, the organisation, which supports 20,000+ end users, achieved ISO 20000 certification in just 18 months - this is the Service Value we were able to deliver to our organisation."

"Additionally, Axios delivers Service Value to its customers by listening and incorporating their suggestions into the product, as well as not imposing unnecessary overheads in maintaining and upgrading the solution."
Tasos Symeonides, CEO, Axios Systems, said, "With Axios' strategy and Service Value roadmap outlined today, Axios is positioning itself to extend the reach of Service Value Management through the combination of our award winning assyst solution and our ITIL Best Practice heritage. With the announcement of our SVM strategy, we are delivering a vision for organisations that is both attainable and transformational in the way IT supports today's business."
Michael Tainter, Director of IT Service Management at Forsythe Solutions Group, an Axios partner, said, "People, process and tool alignment creates the synergy to deliver services in a mature manner. Having a tool such as assyst that is easily aligned with the ITIL processes can strengthen the cultural transformation, turning theory into practice."
To learn more about Axios Systems' Service Value Management (SVM) strategy and announcement, Axios Systems and Sharon Taylor, ITIL v3 chief architect, are hosting a webcast, which will be broadcast live on Tuesday 30th June at 15.00 BST (GMT+1). The webcast will also be available for replay following this date.
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About Axios Systems
Axios Systems is the world's leading provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions. Its customer-centric approach, combined with its award-winning software, enables customers to improve their Service Delivery and Support and deliver Continual Service Improvement (CSI) by helping to align and realign IT services to changing business needs, supporting business processes and improving productivity.
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