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ServiceDesk Plus rolls out multi-department help desk management feature

It's 9am on a Monday morning, and as you enter your office, you notice Jane from HR frantically making arrangements for a last minute onboarding request. As you walk to your desk, you cross by your teammate James, who is on his way to the travel desk with a bunch of itineraries to add to the travel desk's already huge pile of paperwork. Finally, you reach your desk only to find your neighbor, LeAnn, struggling to reach out to the admin team to replace her broken chair. You settle down and boot up your computer, only to remember that you need new word processing software. Almost subconsciously, you log in to your IT help desk portal, raise a request, and the software is installed within minutes. That's when you realize how streamlined and simplified your IT help desk operations are compared to non-IT departments.

Enter enterprise service management, a new and powerful feature from the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus. This new feature turns your ServiceDesk Plus instance into a cross-functional help desk for all departments, including HR, facilities, admin, travel, etc. ServiceDesk Plus now extends the proven best practice processes and workflows available in IT to other departments in your enterprise, making them exponentially more efficient at handling requests.

With enterprise service management, you can manage the help desk needs of your IT as well as non-IT departments from within a single instance of ServiceDesk Plus. Enterprise service management offers great value to your business with features like:

  • A centralized help desk that cuts across functions and departments.
  • Separate help desk portals for separate departments, with access control for each portal.
  • An easy and clear way for end users to raise issues or request services from any department.
  • The ability to log and track tickets for non-IT departments.
  • Out-of-the-box best practice processes with automations, customizations, SLAs, etc.
  • Department-specific knowledge bases that allow end users to resolve common issues themselves, and help technicians with tedious tickets.
  • In-depth reporting for each portal to analyze and improve the performance of each department's help desk operations.

So how would work change for Jane, James, and LeAnn after their company implemented an enterprise service management solution? Well, Jane from HR would receive complete and accurate onboarding tickets. She would also have defined processes and workflows that she could follow for efficiently handling such tickets. James could do away with paperwork and simply fill out travel-specific templates on the travel team's help desk portal. Similarly, LeAnn could access the admin portal on the same help desk to easily raise a request for a new chair.   

Enterprise service management provides significantly higher return on investment by catering to the entire help desk needs of a business from a single platform. So while Jane, James, and LeAnn provide and receive quality support across the entire enterprise, your business actually saves money.        

So bid goodbye to piles of paperwork, spreadsheets, and inefficiency, and say hello to enterprise service management in the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus!

Here is a link to a demo video about how ESM works.
If you're new to ServiceDesk Plus, we invite you to click here to learn more about us and our offerings.
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