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UCS Solutions achieves ISO/IEC 20000 Certification
UCS Solutions, the largest IT outsourcing company specialising in the South African retail market, is proud to announce their ISO/IEC 20000 certification. This makes UCS Solutions 1 of 500 companies worldwide to be ISO/IEC 20000 certified and only the 2nd company in South Africa to achieve this major milestone. UCS Solutions is also the first South African company to be ISO/IEC 20000 certified.
This quality management certification process spanned across all process areas within the IT Infrastructure Division with audits being done for the following areas:
  • Management System
  • Planning and Implementing Service Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Service Reporting
  • Capacity Management
  • Budgeting and Accounting
  • Service Continuity and Availability Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Information Security Management
  • Business Relationship Management
  • Supplier Management
The ISO/IEC 20000 initiative was started mid 2009 under the leadership of Nigel Henderson, Managing Executive - Infrastructure Division. A phased approach was adopted for the assessments. UCS Solutions scheduled a set of four audits over a five month period with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Senior Auditor. Process owners were assigned to each process and the ISO/IEC 20000 project was subsequently kicked off.
Fortunately an ITIL process culture had already been entrenched within UCS Solutions through the implementation of ITIL best practice. All management and supervisory staff were already using the ITIL processes for IT service management and delivery. This culture and the positive attitude of the process owners provided UCS Solutions with a firm foundation to obtain ISO/IEC 20000 compliance within an unprecedented short period and also to fast track the implementation of the project.
UCS Solutions has already started to realise the benefits of ISO/IEC 20000 certification in the effective management, implementation, repeatability and continuous improvement of all the IT processes.
This certification puts UCS Solutions in good standing with existing and future clients as this provides assurance on the quality and repeatability of the deliverables. ISO/IEC 20000 is also used by the auditors to place reliance on our processes. UCS Solutions not only realises the benefits of having adopted this quality standard in a competitive Service Delivery market but enjoys this accreditation as a market differentiator.
UCS Solutions Overview:
UCS Solutions provide secure, fit for purpose and cost-effective managed end-to-end ICT systems and solutions services by utilizing world-class technologies that supports high availability, mission-critical systems through robust, scalable and leveraged platforms.
UCS Solutions provide to the South African retail, consumer goods and manufacturing industries. We solve Business and
IT problems and give you answers. We draw on a wealth of experience, and knowledge - we're innovative, efficient and resourceful. We are a division of the JSE-listed UCS Group.
UCS Solutions offers:
Integrated Service Management
Service Delivery Management and a 24 x 7 Customer Contact Centre
Managed Services
A broad portfolio of application and end to end ICT hosted and support services
Business Solutions
Customised solutions for better business performance
For more information, please contact:
Nigel Henderson
Managing Executive - Infrastructure Division
+27 (0)11 518 9012
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...