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OMNITRACKER Pink Verify / ITIL Process Compliant Gold LevelOMNITRACKER is more than just a premium IT Service Management tool, it is an extremely flexible, high performance IT platform that currently supports 12 different out-of-the-box and integrated applications, including IT Service Management, Project Management, Requirement Management and Contract Management. All applications can be easily modified and even better, clients can add their own customized processes. OMNITRACKER is being used by large enterprises and medium sized companies alike for many years already.
OMNITRACKEREach of the provided applications is rich in functionality and configured in such a way that they can compete in their own market segment by itself. The ITSM application for example is certified by Pink Elephant and ITIL Process Gold Compliant and when sold stand-alone is a very powerful competitor to any of the existing high-end ITSM solutions.  The real benefit however is that, just like all the OMNITRACKER applications, it is configured on top of this extremely flexible platform, which opens the door to many related processes, which can then be run in an integrated way in the same OMNITRACKER instance.
OMNITRACKER fits in a trend where companies are looking for tools that are easily adjustable and extensible, so not limited for example to pure IT Service Management, but also covering related processes, like Project Management, Contract Management or Requirement Management. In OMNITRACKER all of this is done from within the same application, using the same software licenses and the same user data. And even better: clients can create their own, tailor-made processes without having to write software code, just by using the configuration interface of the platform. The same configuration interface, which has been used to create the application templates and can be used to adjust them, without any limitation.
The benefits for clients are clear, with OMNITRACKER they allow staff to work in one instead of multiple applications, and for multiple processes and departments all data is connected and can be easily traced, without the need for complex interfaces to be written or data to be entered multiple times. Another major benefit is that our clients are reducing the number of applications that need to be supported and for which licenses need to be purchased.
OMNITRACKER platform characterThe strength of OMNITRACKER is its platform character. Instead of creating a specific IT Service Management or a project management application, the developers of OMNITRACKER have focused on creating a flexible and very powerful workflow platform, spending over 350 men years on doing so. On top of this platform, using the configuration tools that are part of it, they have developed multiple applications, in so-called 'Application Templates', which can simply be imported into an existing OMNITRACKER installation, without impacting the required licenses or adding additional applications to the infrastructure. This leads to an extreme fast ROI.
The 100% separation between business logic and core platform functionality leads to another important characteristic of OMNITRACKER: it is guaranteed by contract to be release compatible, even for highly adjusted or tailor-made templates.
OMNITRACKER is being used by large corporates and medium-sized businesses, with concurrent users ranging from 5 to several thousands. Almost all clients use the platform in business critical installations, with a high demand on both performance and availability.
Some other characteristics of OMNITRACKER:
Flexible interfaces
The core platform provides several different ways of interfacing to 3rd party products, including a very powerful automation interface, which makes sure that when interfacing, the OMNITRACKER platform will seamlessly integrate into an existing application landscape and will never be the limiting factor when integrating.
Rich Windows and web GUI
Both windows, web and mobile clients are provided. The Windows client supports a lot of different ways to visualize objects, using for example list views, timeline views or calendar views. Rule based editors let users and/or administrators define colors and icons in a simple way, to emphasize certain objects over others.
Highly secure
There are several different levels on which authorizations can be set, using rule based editors. They range from simple filters to a detailed authorization on field level. These same authorization mechanisms are also used when interfacing between OMNITRACKER and 3rd party application, allowing for very strict control on objects inside the platform.  
High performance, high availability
The architecture of the OMNITRACKER platform is designed for high performance. Today OMNITRACKER is in use mainly in many high demanding environments, like for example at many call centers, requiring extreme high performance and availability.  
Low operational cost
Due to the release compatibility, the fair pricing scheme and the sophisticated architecture of the core platform, operational costs of OMNITRACKER are very low. Adding new processes to the platform does not affect the maintenance fee, so for clients it becomes very cost-effective to add more business processes to it. Small and large changes can be done in-house, after 3 days of training, reducing the need to use expensive consultants for minor things. 
OMNITRACKER is a leading IT process automation platform. More than 35,000 concurrent users and over 500 clients are already benefiting from OMNITRACKER's special strengths, like the possibility to integrate a large variety of processes in one single environment. IT Service Management (ITILv3-compliant and PinkVerify 3.1 certified), project management and Stock & Order Management are just some of OMNITRACKER's standard applications. OMNITRACKER has a powerful built-in workflow layer and is easy to configure, ensuring short implementation times and fast ROI. OMNITRACKER's scalability, open interfaces and flexible licensing model qualify it as the ideal process automation solution for small, mid-size and large enterprises. Read more on or check out our 9 minute introduction video.
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