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ManageEngine ITSM Survey -2017

As an ITSM professional, have you ever stopped to think about the future of the ITSM industry and how it will affect you? While you remain focused on providing high-quality service to your end-users, the dynamics of the industry are always changing behind the scenes. The seemingly trivial things that slip your attention can actually have a big impact on your work life. For example, do you know how government regulations like the new Australian immigration policies will affect the recruitment into IT? How the emerging technologies like Cloud and artificial intelligence will change ITSM in the future? What are the working conditions going to be like in the future? Don't you wish you had answers to all these questions, and more, that will prepare you for the ITSM of tomorrow?

Well, worry not, for we've got you covered with our latest ITSM future readiness survey report! This survey, conducted by ManageEngine and posed 10 questions to understand the future trends in ITSM. It was presented to ITSM professionals to get responses with a hands-on perspective, and garnered over 300 responses that help paint a picture of the future of ITSM. To avoid drifting away on to the usual discussions about workflows, processes, practics, etc. we decided to keep the questions focused on five distinct areas:

  • Working in IT
  • The impact of politics on IT staffing
  • New technology
  • Best practice, and
  • Meeting service expectations.

Through targeted questions, we've unearthed some useful findings like:

  • 82 percent of ITSM professionals believe that working in IT will become more challenging.
  • 63 percent of ITSM professionals believe that the existing global political scenario is adversely affecting IT recruitment.
  • Only 08 percent of ITSM professionals formed a negative opinion of the Cloud, based on the widespread outage of February 2017.
  • 77 percent of ITSM professionals think that there is still more to be done to meet the expectations of the incoming millennial workforce.

The full report presents all the ten data points and analyzes them in greater detail. However, to give you a quick sneak peek into what you can find in the full report, we've created an infographic that presents all the data points and brief takeaways. This infographic will help build a quick understanding of the survey and orient you to the tone and content of the full survey report so that you can get the maximum out of it.

We expect the full survey report, and the study that it is built on, will get you thinking about the future trends, and the challenges and opportunities facing the ITSM industry, going ahead. This report can help you understand what you need to do to remain relevant in the future, both as an ITSM professional and as a support function in your organization. It can also help you build efficient roadmaps in anticipation of future trends and pointers and be future ready!

Click here to read the full ITSM future readiness survey report for free and start preparing for the future of ITSM today!


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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...