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Can ITIL Open New Opportunities To Work Abroad ?

It's no secret that cities abroad are always an attractive option for young professionals looking to start a career. While there are undoubtedly great opportunities in your home country, few of us feel satisfied with our jobs or might find it difficult to get a foot on the corporate ladder. The idea of working in a new city amongst other young millennials, immersed in rich culture is highly appealing, especially when you consider that you can even stay protected if the worst was to happen abroad, (Did someone say EHIC? You can renew yours at But, how do you go about starting a career overseas exactly? The methods are truly endless, but we're focusing on how ITIL can help specifically. Find out exactly how ITIL can open new opportunities to work abroad below.

Ease Of Relocation

These days, leading employers aren't afraid to send their employees abroad for work – and this can be partially put down to ITIL, of course. ITIL considerably eases the stress of moving to a new country all thanks to good project management. In fact, professional project management is the ultimate gateway to improved efficiency. In order for successful job relocation, it's crucial to know what is available to you. And if your (potential) employer doesn't offer relocation assistance form the start? Ask for it! Don't be afraid to seek help when you need it and miss the opportunity to do something new and exciting that can considerably benefit your future career prospects. There are countless resources available online that make new opportunities to work abroad even easier to get hold of, from books to online publications to explain. Plus, with employers so open to the idea, you have an even greater chance of scoring new role overseas!


Further to the ease of relocation, the implementation of new ITIL practices is a culture change strategy. While it is inevitable that people will complain about having to do things differently moving forward in the future, you might be lucky enough to already know how to tackle the system. In this case, you may receive an exclusive opportunity to work abroad to ensure the execution of complex practices is successful (and to ensure people remain calm)! Plus, with the speed technology is advancing, you certainly won't lack opportunities overseas in the near future!

IT Certifications

It's true that IT certifications really can go a long way towards helping you find work abroad, as well as at home. While a qualification will never go amiss, official IT certifications are a great asset to anyone's curriculum vitae. Think about it, the use of IT is worldwide. So, with an official ITIL qualification, for example, you can literally work anywhere in the world! Most countries have access to computer-based technology, and there will forever be a high demand for new IT professionals in the industry that is unlikely to fade any time soon. After all, an increasing number of us rely on it, and it certainly benefits the economy as one of the largest employers as a sector.  Plus, the more qualified you are, the better opportunities you are likely to receive! Dublin, Barcelona and Berlin are amongst the best cities in Europe to find work at this moment in time.


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Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...