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ITIL vs. DevOps: What path should an enterprise choose?


In the IT industry, there are many things that we should be aware of. In that, we will be confused when the clash appears on the ITIL and DevOps. In ITIL, it follows government orders and provides worthy processes to make sure that the priority of the government is must. Whereas, DevOps plays a crucial role in the IT field which makes a developer think in a different logical manner for solving a particular task. In fact, that proves most of the challenges faced by the group of people in a continuous manner. If the students are interested in developing some software models then they have to focus on DevOps. Otherwise, ITIL is also a good platform to develop the student skills and to explore their knowledge with less knowledge on coding or any programming language.

 What is ITIL?

ITIL abbreviates the Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a group of clearly explained problems to do some IT tasks which mostly concentrate on the IT field and make it useful for their business. It is nothing but a framework which helps to plan and analyze the data, selecting a particular algorithm, delivering the product, maintaining the product, and the complete period of a task in the IT field. It also helps us to enhance the cost of some particular services by concentrating on creating a business and help to solve business related queries or problems. There is no need to enhance any of the IT worthy tasks.

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a bunch of tasks which can be made with the combination of both the software and the IT problem solving strategies. It is generally used to reduce the time span of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and helps to deliver continuously with a good software quality. It is used to provide fast services to the end users. The people who are interested in DevOps, they have to be good at coding. They also have good scripting. They need relevant skills for the development of a code which should be smart and essay to complete. It is mostly used for automation and to maintain the processes in a neat manner.

How is ITIL having more demand?

ITIL is very helpful for the users but at the same time it takes more time to complete the given task. It is mostly affected by the starting steps that they have taken to develop their company and also the short term requirements of the company. The long term waiting is quite more than the short wait and the response here is the most important thing for anyone to complete some important challenges faced by the company in the IT field. 

When the long wait happened, Many companies developed cloud techniques to overcome the usage of physical devices. Managing the cloud plays a vital role in the ad hoc, it generally goes on with the managing of a service in a formal way. Here, there will be service providers for the cloud, integrators on the cloud, and cloud management for the startup companies.

ITIL 4 showed that some of the DevOps and cloud supporting systems, these will be used by the most of the organizations for developing their company. It is mostly used to control and for commanding the people who are working for any company. Companies mostly used to make any work in a continuous manner which can be any continuous development or continuous integration techniques. It is very important to know about the ITIL to explore your future with the IT field and you can use Servicenow ITIL to join the course and learn it in your way.

Which one is best?

As compared to DevOps, ITIL can complete the task in a simple manner and in an efficient way. Since, it requires less coding. ITIL is the best thing that can be explained as follows:

  • DevOps can easily overcome the ITIL

 Most of the IT companies choose DevOps over ITIL but finally, they come to know that it would be very difficult for any company without ITIL. Since, it provides a good management of services, and some operations, pricing, and supporting government policies. While DevOps does not provide these things. Hence, it is difficult to leave the ITIL frameworks.

  • DevOps provides continuous development and continuous integration only

 Here, DevOps provides continuous development (CD) and continuous integration (CI) only. Not only these things, some other things have also been provided in the DevOps. Since, they are unique. In this DevOps, generally the work which is done earlier is modified to make sure that they are sharing the same aim with each other to achieve success in a simple way. But ITIL provides many other features which can easily overcome this DevOps.

  • ITIL provides document formatted report for each and every step in the software development life cycle

 Generally, ITIL is a process in which we have a bunch of conditions which we have to satisfy. It provides guidelines in the policies which can be interpreted in a typical manner. It generally gives us the analysis of difficult IT works in which many of the companies provide us with proof that we have taken a step to move further and if any error occurs, we will reach you for help.

  • ITIL is used only for large companies

 Yes. Many of the large companies use ITIL and they have been profited with this. Because, it can do work in a continuous manner using integrity and development of typical codes. It can also be used for the tiny companies to develop their company in a typical manner. There will be no more companies in the world, if there are no employees in the company. All the employees who are working must give the answers spontaneously because they should be spontaneous to give an answer.


In this blog, we have seen What is ITIL and what is DevOps. Also, we have gone through how ITIL is having more demand in the market. And which one is best in the ITIL and DevOps. Finally, we can say that ITIL is the best as compared to DevOps. Since, it provides documentation for each and every step in the software development and also it can be used to solve business related queries.

 Author Bio: Anusha Vunnam works as a content writer and Research Analyst at HKR Trainings. He has good experience in handling technical content writing and aspires to learn new things to grow professionally. An expert in delivering content on the market demanding technologies like Cyberark training, Workday training, Informatica Cloud training, salesforce training, etc.


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