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Sharing information, experiences and knowledge with organizations and individuals interested in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library.
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1. NASA - In our opinion the ultimate endorsement ITIL could receive here on planet earth...
Using the ITIL v3 framework to champion positive changes in how NASA conducts IT business - view full article online
2. Find out which are the most difficult ITIL examinations to pass...
The average pass rates for the ITIL v3 Examinations have been identified. The information covers the period from January to May 2010 - view full article online
3. ITIL Change Management - Review our Change Request Evaluation Checklist to ensure you are covering all bases...
Whilst viewing some blogs we spotted a great checklist to assist individuals and Change Advisory Boards (CABs) when evaluating Change Requests - view full article online
4. Assist a student with his MSc Project Thesis - Information Security for Small Medium Enterprises...
Information Security for SMEs - Your Assistance Required - view full article online
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Proven and evolved over the past eighteen years ITIL v3 provides a lifecycle solution to the services offered by organizations, right from its initial concept (Service Strategy) through its development (Service Design) and delivery (Service Transition) into production (Service Operation) and finally its eventual retirement, whilst being accompanied by the drive to continuous improve the service (Continual Service Improvement) where possible. shares information and experiences that can assist any organization considering introducing ITIL, through to those who have commenced the ITIL journey and which to keep abreast of developments or simply want to ask advice. We also offer free ITIL downloads as well as ITIL case studies that should save you and your staff time when seeking information and knowledge. Pop along and visit us, bookmark the site as it is easy getting back to us.

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NB: This article has been archived, indicating it is either out of date or no longer relevant
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...