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NB: This article has been archived, indicating it is either out of date or no longer relevant
 Welcome to the e-letter.  Our principle aim is to share information, experiences and knowledge with organizations and individuals interested in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library, version 2, version 3 and beyond... 

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ITIL GovernanceITIL Governance during a challenging global economic climate
The economic downturn has driven most organizations to review all expenditure, this article provides useful knowledge - view full article online

ITIL Version 2 RetirementITIL Version 2 Retirement
ITIL version 3 has taken centre stage, but what happens now to ITIL version 2? - view full article online

ITIL Service CatalogueITIL Service Catalogue: How to produce a Service Catalogue
Exceedingly topical, this article provides practical advice on how to deliver a working Service Catalog - view full article online

ITIL v3 IntroductionITIL v3 Intro Overview
ITILnews shares information and knowledge both for an organization and the individual, take a look here - view full article online

ITIL v3 BadgesITIL v3 Badges - Pearly Kings and Queens?
ITIL often a 'dry' subject, this article injects a little humour whilst sharing information around ITIL developments  - view full article online

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NB: This article has been archived, indicating it is either out of date or no longer relevant
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...