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As the first anniversary of the launch of ITIL Version 3 is at the end of May 2008, we offer an opinion regarding the ITIL Version 2 and Version 3 courses.
As the ITIL certification scheme continues to be refined the ITIL Version 3 Foundation course is drawn into question as to what it provides the individual and also the organization when compared to the ITIL version 2 Foundation.
ITIL Version 3 covers the complete lifecycle of a service, a considerable increase in scope when compared to that of ITIL version 2 which simple focused on the support and delivery of a service. The increased scope of V3 is documented in five books:
  • Service Strategy
  • Service Design
  • Service Transition
  • Service Operation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Continual Service Improvement
Whereas ITIL version 2 is documented in two books:
  • Service Support, covering
    • Service Desk (function)
    • Incident Management
    • Problem Management
    • Change Management
    • Release Management
    • Configuration Management


  • Service Delivery, covering
    • Service Level Management
    • Availability Management
    • Capacity Management
    • Financial Management
    • IT Service Continuity Management
Both the ITIL Foundation courses run over three days culminating in a one hour multi-choice examination. The ITIL version 2 course is able to cover the ten processes and one function in considerable detail, including how they interface with the other disciplines. The knowledge obtained from the course by the attendee can be immediately taken back to the organization and applied. The ITIL Version 3 course covers the content of the five books and as a result the level of detail is considerably less when compared to the Version 2 course. The attendee has little to offer the organization upon their return. As a result of the differences in the two ITIL Foundation courses, the ITIL Version 2 course is being viewed as the 'Operational' course and the ITIL Version 3 course as the 'Academic' course.
Currently both Foundation courses are being offered by the accredited training providers, whilst demand for the courses and the associated examinations continue.
ITILnews would suggest that an organization and the individual consider what they are aiming to achieve from attending an ITIL Foundation course and then decide whether they attend the Version 2 or the Version 3 course.
ITILnews would welcome your comments and opinions with regards this article.
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...