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ITIL v3 Master Qualification for the ITIL guru
The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) announced in late 2009, that the ITIL v3 Masters Qualification was in 'pilot' phase and would be available in early 2010.
Promises of release dates in early 2010 have failed to materialize.
UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2010: The ITIL v3 Masters Qualification remains in 'pilot' phase and will continue to do so until at least the end of 2010. The OGC and APMG, who administer the ITIL Qualification Scheme on behalf of the OGC, have not issued any formal updates on the qualification or any details on the difficulties they are experiencing.
UPDATE MARCH 2011: The ITIL Master Qualification is currently in 'operational pilot phase'. It is expected that further documentation and the requirements for the qualification will be published. It has been suggested that the availability of the qualification will not be until later in 2011.
Having asked the appropriate bodies as to when or if the ITIL v3 Master Qualification is available, no reply or information has been forth-coming. Nevertheless we have managed to track down some information providing how the ITIL Master Qualification may operate.
Candidates select one or more real world situations and explain how they applied their knowledge of ITIL to implement real solutions. Testing is performed by assessing a written submission describing real-world assignments, augmented by oral examination.
The qualification is aimed at people that are experienced in the industry - typically, but not exclusively, senior practitioner, senior consultant, senior manager or executive, with 5 or more years' relevant experience. All candidates must hold the ITIL v3 Expert qualification.
Candidates are allowed to determine their own field of study based on ITIL.
A Requirements and Scope document will guide candidates through the process of defining their field of study and which elements of ITIL they can include.
The steps for achieving the qualification are:
  1. Candidates submit a Proposal describing the real life situation they intend to address and the elements of ITIL they will apply to this situation
  2. Candidates prepare and submit a Work Package for assessment
  3. Candidates attend an interview to support the Work Package assessment.
In addition to the candidates in depth knowledge and application of ITIL in the real world, they will also be expected to demonstrate management and planning skills in support of the areas of ITIL that they select.
If you have further information to share regarding the ITIL v3 Masters Qualification then please do let us know at ITILnews.


2010-08-26 by "hmtan128"

Is there any further information on the pilot of ITIL Master Qualification?

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Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...