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ITIL version 2 and ITIL version 3 education
As the last of the ITIL version 2 Managers courses commence around the globe, ITILnews are being asked will the qualifications still be recognized by the industry going forward?
The simple answer is YES. ITIL version 3 is founded upon ITIL version 2, simply expanded to accommodate the complete lifecycle.
But Beware!
As ITIL v3 becomes the 'current' qualification, individuals holding only an ITIL v2 or ITIL v1 qualification may be passed over in preference for those who hold an ITIL v3 certificate.
With organizations forced to implement cost constraints, often involving training budgets beingsignificantly reduced, individuals may not be able to upgrade their existing qualifications to ITIL v3.
In addition, holders of the ITIL v2 Managers certificate considering 'bridging' with ITIL v3 need to act quickly as the examination 'ITIL V3 Manager Bridge' is being withdrawn on the 30thJune 2011. Further details can be found by clicking here.
If you have any comments or concerns on the imminent withdrawal of the ITIL v3 bridging course then please let us know.


2011-02-15 by "andre.vrey"

I do have a concern for the V3 bridging course that will be withdrawn on 30/06/2011. Telkom SA is negotiating with training vendors and there is a big possibility that this will take some time and this will limit the opportunities for us to enrol for the bridging course...
Reply on 2011-02-18
We at ITILnews are also concerned. It is worthwhile lodging your concerns with APM Group who administer the qualification scheme. Contact details are;

The APM Group Limited,
Sword House,
Totteridge Road,
High Wycombe,
HP13 6DG

Fax: +44 (0) 1494 459 559
Email -
Web -

2011-02-16 by "raedmas"

Thanks, and I agree do the ITIL V3 Manager Bridge the soonest it is easier :)

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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...