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ITIL v3 Badges
The ITIL Badges live on.  Gone are the days of the green Foundation, blue Practitioners and red Managers badges.  They have been replaced with the various pastel colours and shades below.
ITIL Badges Pastel ITIL v3
ITIL® v3 badges from left to right: Foundation, Capability, Lifecycle, Expert, and Master.
Apparently the colours represent the colours of the covers of the ITIL Version 3 books. There has been a fair amount of discussion over the colours potentially more so than the books themselves!
Opinion is mixed as to whether the colours are right or not.  To a certain extent it is irrelevant as they are already being distributed.
Finally, please spare a thought for all the Trainers out there that have to pass each exam before they can educate and inspire others.  Their lapels will undoubtedly become weighed down with all that metal should they choose to display the little square objects. They may become as the British title suggests, 'cor blimey Guvnor!!' or simply unmanageable lapel 'bling'.
If you have an opinion regarding the badges please share it with us.


2010-07-09 by "avallesalas"

They simply forgot that there are people who is colorblind specially for the pastel tones

2012-07-26 by "robhawlor111"

Can I ask what the actual colours are, as I have recently completed V3 Foundation and have received a green badge which looks nothing like the v3 foundation one shown here?
Reply on 2012-07-27
I wonder if you are in a position to confirm the organization you took the course / exam with and what organization provided the badge to you. We will then make some enquiries and come back to you.
Reply on 2012-07-30
ITIL v3 Foundation Badge (lilac). This ITIL lapel pin takes its colour from the ITIL Service Strategy book and is awarded on successful completion of the ITIL v3 Foundation exam.

2013-03-25 by "itilnews"

Hi, I am one of the "Old" red badge holders who had to sit two very long written exams.... what is the status / value of the effort 15 years on? I'm now a senior manager / director level.
Reply on 2013-03-27
I write also as an 'old' red badge holder, in fact an original 'blue' badge holder.

The world still wants us 'old' boys.

I have sat an ITIL V3 Foundation course and looking at the value I received it is seems to skate across the five books and simply works you towards a certificate.

The opportunity to undertake the conversion exam from ITIL V1 or 2 to ITIL V3 was only available for a limited period, why I do not know but one could guess. Once the conversion course and exams were withdrawn, one is then required to work through the complete series of courses at considerable cost to achieve a certificate of some merit.

But the worldly experience of applying ITIL in the real world in various organizations or through various technological evolutions cannot be substituted with an ITIL V3 certificate.

So be proud of your 'red' badge, I still wear mine in public and on assignments.

All the best.

2013-04-26 by "drt"

I have passed Foundations V2 and V3, plus all of the Lifecycle courses, SOA and MALC. I have also been accredited to teach Foundations V3, SS, ST and SO, and I have plans to add accreditations for SD and Certification for OSA soon.

I put all of my badges on a small piece of cardboard for safekeeping and there they sit, in the pile of stuff on my desk at home.

The day that I need to rely on lapel bling to enhance the value that I can provide to a room full of students or a project meeting full of decision makers will be a sad day indeed.
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Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...