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ITIL - IT Service Delivery - Is it all Hype ?
ITIL is becoming the de-facto standard globally for IT Service Delivery but is it the silver bullet?   Many companies globally have implemented and are implementing ITIL be it version 2 or version 3. Companies from both Public and Private sectors have started their journeys in…
144 words, last edited in the morning of 24th Aug 2009
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Tags: IT Service Delivery,ITIL,believe the hype,version 2,version 3
ITIL Press Release Service
You can now submit your ITIL press releases (or ITIL related press releases) to for publication and distribution via the web site.   Your press release will remain on the site for as long as you would like, only moving down the list as additional releases…
262 words, last edited in the morning of 19th Aug 2009
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Tags: ITIL Press Release, Press Release Service, Press release, ITIL related, white paper,ITIL directory,sponsored articles, case histories,personal experiences
We have developed to provide a portal for individuals and organizations seeking knowledge, sharing knowledge, offering services or looking for resources relating to ITIL, ITI Service Management and ISO/IEC 20000.   We aim to provide open and honest opinion on matters within the industry, kindle…
424 words, last edited in the afternoon of 4th Aug 2009
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Tags: ITIL,Office of Government Commerce,ITIL news,ITIL portal,ITIL resources
IT Service Management - A self assessment work boo
The adoption of ISO/IEC 20000 is a considerable investment by any organization in time, resources and ultimately costs.   To assist Senior Management in making an informed decision on whether to commission the ISO/IEC 20000 route a work book is available entitled:  …
130 words, last edited in the afternoon of 20th Jun 2009
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Tags: Considering ISO/IEC 20000 adoption,Senior Management,IT Service Management,self assessment work book,ITIL
OGC launch Prince2
From the same stable as ITIL, the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), comes the updated Prince2 2009, which is to be launched on the 16th June in London, UK. The launch event is by invitation only, but the publishers, The Stationary Office (TSO), have a live stream that…
422 words, last edited in the morning of 15th Jun 2009
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Tags: OGC launch,Prince2,Office of Government Commerce,Managing Successful Projects,Directing Successful Projects,ITIL
Recent figures released for January 2008 to January 2009 suggest that ITIL Version 2 Foundation, Practitioner and Managers courses are still in strong demand almost two years after the release of ITIL Version 3.   When launched ITIL Version 3 promoted the fact that ITIL Version 2 disciplines…
402 words, last edited in the afternoon of 7th Apr 2009
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Tags: ITIL Version 2,worthy of consideration
Techtarget Midmarket CIO
For the first time since creating the Information Technology Infrastructure Library more than 20 years ago, the U.K.'s Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has officially endorsed a compliance framework to audit vendor products, documentation and processes against the published best practices of ITIL (versions 2 and 3). The compliance scheme…
197 words, last edited in the morning of 17th Mar 2009
This article is from Management Tools - Advice and Guidance and has been viewed 10098 times.
Tags: ITIL tools, ITIL tools standard, endorsed by ITIL, aid buyers,Information Technology Infrastructure Library
ITIL Governance during a challenging global econom
During the current global economic challenges, expenditure is probably the most important focus of any organization. The governance of the majority of economic expenditure within IT is performed primarily through the Change Management process. For clarity the definition of 'Governance' according to ITIL is:   Ensuring…
577 words, last edited in the evening of 27th Jan 2009
This article is from Service Transition - Change Management and has been viewed 13017 times.
Tags: ITIL Governance, global economic climate, Roles and Responsibilities, ITIL Change Management Process ,Requests For Change,Service Level Agreement
How to produce a Service Catalogue
Introduction   The official definition of an ITIL Service Catalogue is:   (ITIL Service Design) A database or structured Document with information about all Live IT Services, including those available for Deployment. The Service Catalogue is the only part of the ITIL Service Portfolio…
1626 words, last edited in the afternoon of 27th Jan 2009
This article is from Service Design - Service Catalogue Management and has been viewed 267071 times.
Tags: ITIL Service Catalogue, Service Catalogue, ITIL Service Portfolio, Requests for Change,ITIL v3,ITIL Service Design
ITIL V3 Intermediate Training Courses Service Capa
Some of the training providers are now offering various Service Capability courses, these are similar to the ITIL V2 Practitioner courses.   The new ITILV3 courses have been grouped accordingly: Planning, Protection and Optimisation Service Offerings and Agreement Release,…
313 words, last edited in the afternoon of 17th Nov 2008
This article is from ITIL V2 / V3 Qualifications - Articles and has been viewed 8053 times.
Tags: ITIL V3, Intermediate Courses, Service Capability, ITIL V3, Protection and Optimisation, Service Offerings, Agreement Release, Control and Validation, Operational Support
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Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...