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IT Service Management Toolset Checklist
The following points have been extracted from an article entitled 'Selecting an ITIL Service Management Toolset'.   1.      Select a toolset that fits your organization not the other way round.  Processes come first not the tool.  Be clear on what you want the toolset to do…
449 words, last edited in the morning of 3rd Jun 2008
This article is from Management Tools - Advice and Guidance and has been viewed 17679 times.
Tags: IT Service Management,Toolset checklist,Management Information,multi-nationsl,ITIL process owners,user groups
Canada (Press Release) May 27, 2008 -- 4/27/08 (Lexington, North Carolina) A trusted source for accredited IT Service Management (ITSM) training and certification programs, itSM Solutions today, announced a partnership with Career Academy to launch an online series of ITIL Version 3 Mentored Learning Training…
815 words, last edited in the morning of 3rd Jun 2008
This article is from Press Releases - Training and has been viewed 10478 times.
Tags: Mentored Learning Training,ITIL V3 Training,IT Service Management
APM Group (APMG) the organization who are responsible for the development and administration of the ITIL Version 3 Certification Scheme, announced on the 23rd May 2008, the release dates for the ITIL Intermediate Certificate modules, ITIL Service Lifecycle and ITIL Service Capability. The exact details are…
238 words, last edited in the afternoon of 23th May 2008
This article is from ITIL News - Previously and has been viewed 13707 times.
Tags: ITIL V3,Service Lifecycle Module,Service Capability Module,Release Dates,ITIL Intermediate Certificate,ITIL Version 3 Certification Scheme,ITIL Service Capability
ITIL Intermediate Certificates, ITIL Expert Certificate, ITIL Advanced Certificates   The APM Group (APMG) based in the United Kingdom, has finally agreed the names by which the ITIL V3 Certificates will be known by. The diagram below provides an update to the original diagram that has…
77 words, last edited in the afternoon of 23th May 2008
This article is from ITIL V2 / V3 Qualifications - Articles and has been viewed 55180 times.
Tags: ITIL V3, Certification Scheme,Names Agreed,ITIL Intermediate Certificates,ITIL Expert Certificate,ITIL Advanced Certificates
By Hank Marquis,   The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) refers to Service or Systems Outage Analysis (SOA) as a method to improve availability. Unfortunately, the ITIL does not indicate how one actually performs SOA! This article explains the benefits of SOA, and gives you a 7-step guide…
607 words, last edited in the morning of 20th May 2008
This article is from Service Operation - Problem Management and has been viewed 31580 times.
Tags: ITIL Service, Outage Analysis, 7 Steps, IT Infrastructure Library, ITIL, Systems Outage Analysis, (SOA), improve availability, benefits of SOA, performing SOA
Examination Institutes (EIs) offer professional ITIL qualifications. Accredited by the APM Group through the ITIL Qualifications Board, EIs operate ITIL examination schemes via a network of Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) and Accredited Trainers with Accredited materials.   The ITIL Examination Institutes are:   This…
68 words, last edited in the afternoon of 16th May 2008
This article is from Links - ITIL Examination Institutes and has been viewed 8233 times.
Tags: ITIL Examination Institutes, Examination Institutes, ITIL qualifications, ITIL qualifications Board, Accredited Training Organizations, Accredited Trainers, Accredited materials
Consider OLA as well as SLA
ITIL Service Level Agreements or SLAs are recognized as an essential requirement to delivering consistent IT services to the customer community, irrespective if they are internal or external customers of the organization. What is often neglected when considering the establishment of the SLA is the corresponding necessity for…
364 words, last edited in the evening of 7th Apr 2008
This article is from Service Design - Service Level Management and has been viewed 47699 times.
Tags: ITIL Service Level Agreements, SLA, Operating Level Agreements, ITIL Service Level Management, SLM, ITIL Service Catalogue, Service Level Agreement
Patch Management
Ask many IT Managers what Patch Management is about and they'll respond that it is mostly the deployment of Service Packs and patches required to keep worms and viruses at bay. As IT infrastructure becomes more complex and businesses demand reduced downtime; coupled with the increasing anxiety around governance and…
139 words, last edited in the evening of 7th Apr 2008
This article is from Service Transition - Change Management and has been viewed 36656 times.
Tags: PATCH MANAGEMENT, CONFIGURATION AND RELEASE, Fox IT, deployment of Service, IT infrastructure, regulatory compliance, IT assets
A comprehensive and professionally produced download produced by the itSMF organization. The free download provides a high-level overview of ITIL V3. It is aimed at a general audience and is valuable to both an individual and organization who have simply heard of ITIL and also those that are…
134 words, last edited in the morning of 20th Nov 2007
This article is from Free Downloads - ITIL PDF and has been viewed 127847 times.
Tags: ITIL download,ITIL v3,Intro Overview,free download,IT Service Management
ITIL V3 course table
The table below (click here) provides details surrounding the ITIL V3 courses, although these may change as the ITIL V3 Qualifications Board is still required to approve them. Further details regarding the ITIL V3 Qualification Scheme Structure and ITIL V3 Bridging Qualifications can be found by clicking here. …
1261 words, last edited in the morning of 2nd Oct 2007
This article is from ITIL V2 / V3 Qualifications - Overview and has been viewed 15714 times.
Tags: ITIL V3, ITIL v3 Courses, qualifications Board, Qualification Scheme, Bridging Qualifications,Structure and Qualifications
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