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Canada (Press Release) May 27, 2008 -- 4/27/08 (Lexington, North Carolina)

A trusted source for accredited IT Service Management (ITSM) training and certification programs, itSM Solutions today, announced a partnership with Career Academy to launch an online series of ITIL Version 3 Mentored Learning Training (MLT) programs.

Mentored Learning Training is a cost-effective, feature rich alternative to instructor led, classroom training. This online, self-paced training program, combined with support from a one-on-one mentor enables IT professionals to internalize the concepts of ITIL Version 3 while preparing for the certification exam.

Key benefits include:

• An Affordable Pricing Model enables enterprises to train everyone in the IT organization at a fraction of what they would pay for public or multi-student onsite class.

• Online, On-Demand lecture via web streaming videos enables IT organizations to save thousands in instructor and student travel expense.

• Flexible Scheduling & Venue™ enables students to schedule class time and location around their schedule not that of a fixed class schedule.

• Ninety Day License enables the student to internalize the concepts of ITIL and ITSM and prepare for the exam without restrictions and boundaries of a fixed schedule class.

• One-on-One Mentor Support enables students to reach out to a trusted advisor or coach for any questions that might come up during their training program.

• Flexible Testing enables the student or training coordinator to schedule examinations around the students learning schedule not that of a fixed class schedule.

• Flexible Classroom enables training coordinators to schedule multi-student, multi-program public or onsite classrooms without class size or classroom restrictions.

• Integrated Student Manual enables students to receive an online copy of the book at the same time they receive their MLT program.

• Student Management enables mentors and training coordinators and to monitor the students progress throughout the entire program

itSM Solutions and Career Academy have agreed to cooperate on a variety of new courses that will capture the value of itSM Solutions' world class mentors and content in Career Academy's award winning video delivery system. "The combination of our courseware and mentoring team with Career Academy's video delivery system, will take the students ITSM training experience to a new level." stated David Nichols, President & CEO of itSM Solutions.

"Combining itSM Solutions mentors and content solutions with our award winning video delivery system will bring a new level of flexibility and quality to the ITSM training world," noted Career Academy President Joel Kestenberg. Most of our partner centers are using itSM Solutions courseware in their Instructor Led classrooms today so this will enable them to seamlessly add another value added delivery offering to their class matrix."

The ITIL v3 Foundation Certification series is available immediately. V3 Orientation (awareness), Intermediate (Service Lifecycle, Capability & Managing Across the Lifecycle) and V3 Service Manager Bridge will be available later this year.
Pricing can be obtained by contacting the itSM Solutions sales department at 401-710-7386 or
About itSM Solutions LLC
Founded in 2002, itSM Solutions™ is a content development company specializing in developing value based training programs that help IT organizations acquire the knowledge and skills to create, integrate and operate ITSM programs. itSM Solutions™ is also the founding member of the Open itSM Solutions™ Alliance, the industry's first online value network of IT practitioners willing to share their practical experiences with individuals and organizations looking to create actionable ITSM plans when using ITIL® and other best practice frameworks, methods and standards

About Career Academy
Headquartered in Boston Massachusetts, Career Academy has established the state of the art digital production studio facilities staffed by a team of highly motivated, innovative multi-media engineers. It is here that the future of technical education is being formulated and put into production. The results of this unique blend of technical know-how and quality knowledge base are now being successfully implemented throughout the four corners of the globe. From Australia to California to Great Britain, Career Academy's solutions assist partner training organizations in delivering the latest cutting edge training solutions to their existing and potential client base.

For additional information, please contact:
Rick Lemieux
itSM Solutions LLC
Direct: 401.710.7386
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...