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IT Service Management Toolset Checklist
The following points have been extracted from an article entitled 'Selecting an ITIL Service Management Toolset'.
1.      Select a toolset that fits your organization not the other way round.  Processes come first not the tool.  Be clear on what you want the toolset to do for you.
2.      Have a clear understanding of what Management Information or reports you require from the toolset.  Some are better than others at out of the box reporting. Additional reporting software can be expensive!
3.      Consider the skills required customizing, implementing and supporting the toolset and possibly it's underpinning databases.
4.      Understand the annual support costs model from the supplier together with the potential conditions which could effect this calculation.
5.      Review the support provision offered by the supplier in light of the impact it could have on the productivity and reputation of your organization.
6.      For multi-national organizations, identify what the global reach and support arrangements the toolset supplier has.
7.      What additional software, licences and possibly hardware are required to support the toolset?
8.      Toolsets offering modular solutions that can be purchased as the need arises should be considered carefully with regards integration to existing modules that have been purchased. Also do the modules exist today to meet your organizations requirements for the future or are they 'under development'.
9.      Undertake a series of reference site visits and speak not only to the customization and implementation staff, but most importantly those members of staff who use it, especially the ITIL Process Owners.
10.  Ask to attend 'User Groups' and or review recent minutes, even ask to speak to some of the attendees where possible.
11.  Determine how often releases or upgrades of the software are made and also how receptive they are to resolving the 'bugs' that are reported, either as part of a release or on an individual basis.
12.  Consider whether you and your organization could work with the supplier. The relationship could evolve into a considerable amount of time, working together and building a partnership is going to be imperative for both parties.
13.  If necessary be prepared to say 'no' if you feel the tool is not the correct fit for your organization.
For further information with regards the checklist above, please refer to the associated article entitled 'Selecting an ITIL Service Management Toolset'.
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...