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ITIL v3 Qualification Scheme
January 2011: A new ITIL Complementary Qualification endorsed by the ITIL v3 Qualification Scheme has been added to the other five Complementary qualifications.   The new qualification is entitled: Configuration Management Database (1.5 credits) The other five Complementary qualifications are: …
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PRESIDIO - ITIL - Four Trends driving the Data Cen
How do you transform your data center from its current stove-pipe approach to the technology and process of the much heralded next generation data center?   When I sift through the list of great and visionary qualities that many believe will define the data center of the future, I…
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Tags: ITIL,Information Technology Infrastructure Library,Business Strategy,Data Center,ITIL Framework,Dave Hart,Presidio
OGC Recomend Licensed Software Assessor
The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) strongly recommend that software tool vendors speak to aLicensed Software Assessor before embarking on an assessment to ensure the mandatory assessment criteria are understood and can be met.   The OGC announcement continues:   Following the publication of…
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Tags: ITIL Software Scheme,OGC,Licensed Software Assessor,Mandatory Assessment Criteria
ITIL v3 Endorsed by NASA
The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is fostering NASA's alignment with recognition that information is the most important strategic resource any organization has to manage.   Using the ITIL v3 framework to champion positive changes in how NASA conducts IT business.   Linda Cureton,…
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Tags: ITIL v3,ITIL v3 framework,Endorsed by NASA
The following information has been provided by APM Group, who administers the overall ITIL Qualification Scheme, and provides details of all the examinations undertaken, ITIL v2 and ITIL v3. The information is distributed to the Examination Institutes (EIs) for information purposes. Details regarding the percentage of candidates who…
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Tags: ITIL v3,Qualification Scheme,Candidate Numbers,Pass Rates
ITIL v3 Examinations Average Pass Rates
The average pass rates for the ITIL v3 Examinations have been identified following the analysis of information originally supplied by APM Group who are responsible for the overall administration of the ITIL v3 Qualification Scheme. The information covers the period from January to May 2010.   The examinations that…
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Tags: ITIL v3,Pass Rates,ITIL v3 Examinations,ITIL v3 Qualification Scheme
ITIL - Information Security for SMEs - Your Assist
Discussions on appropriate Information Security for SME's There is increasing pressure building from legislation (for example Data Protection in the UK/EU) and industry Regulations (for example Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard abbreviated as PCI-DSS) to affect Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) that previously only really…
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Tags: Information Security,Data Protection,Payment Card Industry,Data Security Standard,PCI-DSS,Information Security Management
NB: This article has been archived, indicating it is either out of date or no longer relevant
The ITIL v3 Software Endorsement Scheme assesses vendor software to ensure that it does align to the relevant ITIL v3 processes as claimed. If successful the software is awarded the appropriate scheme logo and the vendor is able to market the software as ITIL v3 Software Endorsement Scheme…
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Tags: ITIL v3,Service Management Toolset,Assessment criteria,Free Download,Software Endorsement Scheme
ITIL service management for UK SMEs seminar
IT Service Management is a multi-million pound global industry.  Delivering quality service solutions is now not just about the technology.  How you deal with service breaks, how you manage change, dealing with performance issues, implementing and delivering the benefits of new technology and managing customer satisfaction at the right cost is crucial…
528 words, last edited in the morning of 5th Aug 2010
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Tags: IT Service Management,ITIL Service Lifecycle,UK seminar,Barry Corless
ITIL Change Management hange Request Evaluation Ch
Whilst viewing some blogs we spotted a great checklist to assist individuals and Change Advisory Boards (CABs) when evaluating Change Requests.   The blog was produced by 'Milt' and titled the seven R's of Change Management', but we at ITILnews believe there was one missing, which…
145 words, last edited in the morning of 3rd Aug 2010
This article is from Service Transition - Change Management and has been viewed 27967 times.
Tags: ITIL Change Management,Change Requests,Check List,Change Advisory Boards
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Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...