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SIAM: Service Management Definition Document
To enable SIAM to be effective across internal and external suppliers the introduction of a Service Management Definition Document (SMDD) is recommended[ more ]
22 words, last edited in the morning of 12th Sep 2016
This article is from Management Tools - Advice and Guidance
Tags: SIAM,Service Management Definition Document,SMDD,SIAM model,ITIL best practice,Operational Level Agreements,OLA

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The Future of ITIL according to samanage
For something that touted itself as the best thing to happen to IT service management, the silver bullet to all of IT woes, ITIL is no longer seen that way by many of the people who actually work in today's modern IT environment. The past several years have seen an…[ more ]
232 words, last edited in the morning of 23th Aug 2016
This article is from Free Downloads - ITIL PDF and has been viewed 465 times.
Tags: future of ITIL,retirement of ITIL

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Getting the whole Organization in Shape
So whilst you or your organization is introducing ITIL best practice in an effort to 'get into shape' to become more efficient, effective and profitable you might just want to think about yourself and your employees.   As you embark on the Service Management journey…[ more ]
403 words, last edited in the afternoon of 21th Nov 2014
This article is from ITIL News - Most Recent and has been viewed 16185 times.
Tags: get into shape,Service Management

Article ThumbnailArticle Summary
Assess Your Companys IT Complexity
This survey is designed for IT professionals with knowledge of their company's overall IT architecture and/or strategy. It has four sections, each with four to seven multiple-choice questions. For each section you complete, you will receive: Your company's IT complexity score on those topics Recommended best…[ more ]
88 words, last edited in the morning of 16th Dec 2013
This article is from Archive - Archived Articles and has been viewed 14495 times.
Tags: ORACLE,Assess Your Companys IT Complexity

Article ThumbnailArticle Summary
Capacity Management
Below are a series of questions that will assist with determining areas where Capacity Management may need to focus attention to improve its maturity. I would suggest that a marking scheme is established to so that it is possible to determine the following: …[ more ]
1804 words, last edited in the afternoon of 29th Nov 2013
This article is from Service Design - Capacity Management and has been viewed 16103 times.
Tags: ITIL,Capacity Management,improve maturity

Article ThumbnailArticle Summary
iET ITSM software ITIL processes
iET Solutions, a global provider of software solutions for service management and software asset management, has achieved internationally recognized ITIL® 2011 certification for its iET ITSM service management software. The certification covers twelve processes managed by iET ITSM version 6.   iET ITSM is a flexible, scalable, easily configurable…[ more ]
788 words, last edited in the afternoon of 19th Sep 2013
This article is from Press Releases - ITIL and has been viewed 17370 times.
Tags: iET,ITSM software,certification,ITIL processes

Article ThumbnailArticle Summary
Austrian Broadcasting company uses ITSM software
ORS, (Austrian Broadcasting Services) has chosen IT service management software developed by iET Solutions to centralize all the information needed to monitor and manage its national network of transmitter stations at around 450 locations. The iET ITSM software was chosen for its flexibility. Today ORS manages around 80,000 data records…[ more ]
1314 words, last edited in the afternoon of 18th Jun 2013
This article is from Press Releases - ITIL and has been viewed 16118 times.
Tags: Austrian Broadcasting company,Austrian Broadcasting Services,ITSM software,IT service management,ITIL

Article ThumbnailArticle Summary
Asklepios: iET ITSM deployed to ensure reliable
  Click here to view PDF (750Kb opens in a new window).    [ view article ]
17 words, last edited in the afternoon of 19th Apr 2013
This article is from Case Studies - Case Studies 1 and has been viewed 4657 times.
Tags: Asklepios,iET ITSM,reliable operation,IT systems

Article ThumbnailArticle Summary
macro4 ITSM software update
RSS web feeds make it easy for IT staff and employees to subscribe to relevant service information updates   New functionality being introduced toMacro 4's iET ITSM software includes the innovative use of RSS web feeds for speedy, automated dissemination of information and new dashboard reporting…[ more ]
772 words, last edited in the afternoon of 19th Apr 2013
This article is from Press Releases - ITIL and has been viewed 28938 times.
Tags: RSS web feeds,at-a-glance reporting,Macro 4,ITSM software

Article ThumbnailArticle Summary
SIT13: Service Desk & IT Support Show: Exhibitor Show Highlights 2013
SITS The Service Desk & IT Support Show returns to London's Earls Court on 23-24 April, with over 100 leading suppliers demonstrating 250+ products and services. The UK's biggest showcase for the IT Service Management and IT support industry, the following is just a taste of some of the latest…[ more ]
2389 words, last edited in the afternoon of 4th Apr 2013
This article is from Archive - Archived Articles and has been viewed 21764 times.
Tags: SIT13,Service Desk & IT Support Show,Exhibitor Show Highlights,2013

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