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Whilst viewing some blogs we spotted a great checklist to assist individuals and Change Advisory Boards (CABs) when evaluating Change Requests.
The blog was produced by 'Milt' and titled the seven R's of Change Management', but we at ITILnews believe there was one missing, which we have added at the end of the following list (8):
1.      Who RAISED the Change
2.      REASON for the Change
3.      RETURN for the Change
4.      RISKS involved
5.      RESOURCES required
6.      Who is RESPONSIBLE for build, test and implementation
7.      RELATIONSHIP between this and other Changes
8.      Consequences of REJECTING the Change
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2010-10-19 by "gavinespin"

I assumed the consequences of rejecting the change would be stated within the Reason for the Change.

2010-10-22 by "tony"

Many thanks for your question. I would suggest that the status of the Change is altered to 'Rejected' or something similar. The reason for the rejection of the Change, I would, suggest is captured wherever it is felt appropriate for your organization's Change process, but if possible I would suggest it would be entered under 'Assess' or 'Authorisation' step of the process. The following article I believe may outline the Change process clearer: click here

2010-10-28 by "harivk75"

What are the key reports that are sent to business as part of change management process ITIL V3.

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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...