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Communication is the bedrock for all successful organisations.  Many people think that Configuration Management is the foundation for Service Management, which if implemented correctly it is, but communication comes before that right at the beginning.
Communication is two way, both 'top down' and 'bottom up'.  Many staff will complain that they aren't being told about new or ongoing initiatives or the company strategy and direction.  The key question is have they asked?  This is a double edged sword in that Senior Management should be feeding information down and if the question is asked staff may be seen as 'negative' or 'uncooperative' when they are merely seeking information.  If Senior Management are open to feedback and constructive criticism then the relationship, trust and respect can be built upon.  However, if Senior Management sit in their 'ivory towers' and do not encourage openness then the staff will be afraid to feedback or raise questions about decisions made and be fearful of a 'black mark' against their names which could potentially limit their career progression.
Within Service Management communication is key, whether its between staff or processes.  How many times have Users rung the Service Desk to report an Incident and the Service Desk didn't know this service had gone live or even heard of it?  With the implementation of ITIL within an organisation this should become less frequent and the interface between Project Management and Change Management resolving this issue with a little help from Release Management.
In this modern world, many people hide behind email and use this as the main method of communication.  Some people may perceive email as a tool to 'cover your back' or words to that effect!.  What is wrong with picking up the phone and talking to your peers, colleagues, managers? 
After all didn't a famous telecommunication company coin the slogan 'it's good to talk...'.
Alternatively and even healthier why not go and speak to them, it does not always have to be a formal meeting.
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2017-11-27 by "ckaram90"

Hiding is not the correct term to apply. It implies that we are incompetent, insecure etc. There is nothing wrong with communicating by email when you want clarity, memory jotter, feedback.

It’s a balancing act. But when in doubt make sure you document.
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...