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ITIL 2011 (ITIL v4) free download
As we await details of a free download providing a summary of the updates we have pulled together the following information highlighting some of the high level updates...
ITIL Service Strategy
The concepts have been clarified, without changing the overall message. The updated publication includes more practical guidance and examples. The newly defined process of strategy management for IT services is responsible for developing and maintaining business and IT strategies.
Financial management has been expanded, and business relationship management and demand management are now covered as processes.
ITIL Service Design
The updated ITIL Service Design publication has been aligned with ITIL Service Strategy.
A number of concepts and principles have been clarified, especially the flow and management of activity throughout the overall Service Design stage with the addition of the 'design coordination' process. Other significant clarifications include the five aspects of service design, the design of the Service Portfolio and the terminology related to views of the service catalogue.
ITIL Service Transition
The structure, content and relationships of the configuration management system (CMS) and service Knowledge Management system (SKMS) have been clarified to convey the key concepts. There is new content explaining how a change proposal should be used. The evaluation process has been renamed 'change evaluation' and the purpose and scope have been modified to assist with understanding when and how the process should be used. The service asset and configuration management process has additional content relating to asset management, also there are improvements in the flow and integration of a number of processes, including change management, release and deployment management, and change evaluation.
ITIL Service Operation
Process flows have been updated or added for all processes including request fulfilment, access management and event management. Clarification and guidance has been provided around key principles including service requests and request models, and proactive problem management. Explanations are provided on how basic events flow into filters and rule engines to produce meaningful event information. The relationship between application management activities versus application development activities is also clarified.
Other clarifications include an expanded section on problem analysis techniques, procedure flow for incident matching and further guidance for escalating incidents to problem management.
ITIL Continual Service Improvement (CSI)
The seven-step improvement process - and its relationship with the Deming 'Plan-Do-Check-Act' cycle and Knowledge Management has been clarified. The CSI model has been renamed the CSI approach and the concept of a CSI register has been introduced as a place to record details of all improvement initiatives within an organization.


2011-08-04 by "sumit.shekhar"

My specific query is with the Event Management process in the new ITIL v3 Service Operations.

I would like to understand what has been the change in the 2011 update.

The book available now has a basic event management reference model. I am designing the process for a client, and I see that the reference model does not help much in terms of identifying to what level the activities can be automated. Also, I think that the ITSM tool available from different vendors are customized for catering to the process requirements. Do you think that the team creating the updates to the process should have taken guidance from the vendors. My concern is because I see not much elaboration on the event concepts / subprocesses in the ITIL v3 book. Please clarify.
Reply on 2011-08-07
Many thanks for your comment and questions.

Firstly, if you feel that the ITIL books and content can be improved then we recommend that you click on the following link to register your suggestion / comment, which are reviewed as part of the ITIL Continual Service Improvement process:

Regarding your current assignment involving the designing of the 'events process'. The ITIL best management practices are generic and need to be incorporated into the working or operational practices of each organization. Automating the process or aspects of the process is very much a consideration that is undertake on a case by case basis. Ideally the various alternatives should be presented to the client with the associated costings, savings and benefits outlined. It is worth remembering that ITIL is not prescriptive.

It perhaps should also be noted that the theory that appears in the ITIL publications is simply that theory. The books do provide some examples and scenarios, but real life experience and application really enable the ITIL theory to be applied and value to be realized. Also in my experience one designs a process that works for an organization and then identify a vendor that is able to compliment the process. One does not design an organization around a vendors toolset.

As for the updates included in the ITIL 2011 core publications consider checking out the ITIL 2011 book shop

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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...