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ITIL 2011 ITIL v4
ITIL 2011: ITIL 2011 is simply a continuous improvement exercise that has incorporated over five hundred changes, plus additional suggestions, roles, process flows, inputs and outputs that have been identified since the launch in 2007.
ITIL 2011 Translations: Translation of the ITIL 2011 Core Publications will commence post Friday 29th July 2011 once the English editions are published. Priority languages are Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.
ITIL 2011 Glossary of Terms: Envisaged all twenty three translated glossaries are to be updated to reflect ITIL 2011 as part of 29th July launch.
ITIL 2011 Publications Prices: Prices of the ITIL 2011 Core Publications will remain the same as the ITIL 2007 (ITIL V3) editions.
Online Subscriptions: Online Subscriptions will receive the ITIL 2011 updates free of charge.
ITIL 2011 Pages: Page counts for the ITIL 2011 Core Publications have increased from 1,343 to 1,959. ITIL Service Strategy has additional two hundred pages, with ITIL Service Design, ITIL Service Transition and ITIL Service Operations increasing by one hundred pages each
Distinguishing Marks of ITIL 2011:
  • The book covers or jackets have changed slightly, with the backgrounds changing from black to white
  • A 'flash' on the cover entitled 'ITIL 2011' denotes the updated core publications
  • Each of the titles of the Core Publications have had the word 'ITIL' inserted
ITIL 2011 Qualifications: No requirement to retake your ITIL qualifications as they continue to remain relevant. No 'bridging' examinations are planned as no significant changes have been made.
ITIL 2011 Updated course syllabuses / examinations: Updated course syllabuses and examinations will be available for the 8th August 2011.
ITIL 2011 Intermediate Examinations: The degree of changes correlates to the amount of changes to the ITIL Core Publications. Primarily the structural changes will involve reorganizing existing content.
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...