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Target Audience
The target group of the ITIL Version 3 Intermediate Qualification: Release, Control and Validation is:
  • Individuals who have attained the ITIL Version 3 Foundation certificate in Service Management, or the ITIL version 2 Foundation plus the ITIL Version 3 Foundation Bridge certificate and who wish to advance to higher level ITIL certifications
  • Individuals who require an in-depth understanding of ITIL Certificate in Release, Control and Validation processes and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service support within an organization
  • IT professionals that are working within an organization that has adopted and adapted ITIL who need to be informed about and thereafter contribute to an ongoing service improvement program
  • Operational staff involved in Change Management, Release and Deployment Management, Service Validation and Testing, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Request Fulfillment, Service Evaluation and Knowledge Management, who wish to enhance their role-based capabilities.
This may include but is not limited to, IT professionals, business managers and business process owners.
Qualification Level: Intermediate
Course Objectives
Candidates can expect to gain competencies in the following upon successful completion of the education and examination components related to this certification:
  • Service Management as a Practice
  • Processes across the Service Lifecycle pertaining to the capability of Release, Control and Validation management
  • Change management as a capability to realize successful Service Transition
  • Service validation and testing as a capability to assure the integrity and the quality of Service Transition
  • Service asset and configuration management as a capability to monitor the state of Service Transition
  • Knowledge management as part of enhancing the on-going management decision support and Service Delivery capability
  • Service request fulfillment and evaluation to assure meeting committed service level performance
  • Common Service Operation activities for supporting the service management Lifecycle
  • Release Control and Validation process roles and responsibilities
  • Technology and Implementation Considerations
  • Challenges, Critical Success Factors and risks.
And specifically in the following key ITIL process and role areas:
  • Change management
  • Service release and deployment management
  • Service validation and testing
  • Service asset and configuration management
  • Knowledge management
  • Request fulfillment
  • Service Evaluation
Prerequisites: Candidates wishing to be trained and examined for this qualification must already hold the ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (the Version 3 Foundation or Version 2 Foundation plus Bridge Certificate)
Examination Format: Multiple Choice, scenario-based, gradient scored questions.
Number of Questions: 8
Pass Score: 28/40 or 70%
Delivery: Online or Paper Based Examination through an Accredited Training Organization
Exam Duration: Maximum ninety minutes for all candidates in their respective language (Candidates sitting the examination in a language other than their first language have a maximum of one hundred and twenty minutes and are allowed to use a dictionary)
Open/Closed Book: Closed Book.
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...