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ITIL v3 continual service improvement leads to ITIL v4
** UPDATE **
The Friday 29th July 2011 Update will see the launch of the updated ITIL Core Publications, currently being referred to as ITIL 2011, but should you really rush out and buy a replacement set?
The improvement exercise has addressed the errors and inconsistencies that existed in the original books that were published in 2007. In addition a number of concepts, principles and process flows have been clarified or simplified in all the volumes, with the Service Strategy publication undertaking extensive attention, culminating in the defining of new processes for strategy management and business relationship management.
ITILnews comment: We recommend that you do not discard your existing ITIL publications as they remain current and replacing them is not a small expense. No doubt if you are focused around Service Strategy then one might consider investing in this publication. Otherwise I would wait until a new set is required for your organisation and then take the opportunity to browse through.
If you do wish to order a publication or even a set then please visit the ITILnews Bookshop and place your advance order.
** March 2011 Update: rumour has it that the original updates were supposed to be released in May 2011, but now it is looking more likely to be July 2011.  We will keep you informed! **
It is not ITIL v4, simply ITIL v3 being updated. The process of Continual Service Improvement or CSI is being applied to the IT Infrastructure Library. A log has captured errors, inconsistencies, suggestions, clarifications and expanded explanations since the launch of ITIL v3 in 2007. Each will be analyzed and reviewed by a Change Advisory Board (CAB) and approved by the owners of ITIL, the Office of Government Commerce (OGC). The OGC has stated that the updates are not being made for 'revenue generating' purposes.
Review of the Service Strategy core publication will ensure concepts are explained in the clearest, most concise and accessible way possible.
The final result should make it easier to read and understand the core publications. There will be no need to purchase new books as a summary of the changes will be available to download for free. However the nature of the Service Strategy changes a different 'briefing' will be made available. Online Subscriptions will automatically receive the updated text at no additional cost.
It is anticipated that the publishing of the updates will not be until the second half of 2011. The publication dates are subject to the feedback from the two public reviews.
The OGC's new branding guidelines will result in the 'updated' publications having a significantly different front cover from the current core publications today.
The aim is to complete the translation of the updates within six months after the English edition is published. Priority languages are French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish. The intention is to have all twenty two translated ITIL Glossary of Terms available at the same time as the English version.
Those individuals who hold an ITIL v3 qualification will not need to become re-certified as the core ITIL process areas and principles will not change significantly.
ITILnews will provide further updates as they become available. If you have any comments regarding this article we would welcome them...


2012-02-16 by "otoumakram"

I don't know if I should prepare myself to be examined in ITIL V3, I don't know is it still available to be examined or I should go to V4 and is V4 exam available or not?

Please if there is any documents to show the differences between V3 and V4. Thanks.
Reply on 2012-02-16
We can confirm there is currently no ITIL V4. There is only ITIL V3, which had some minor adjustments made last year and as a result is referred to as ITIL 2011. The following article should provide you with an overview of the updates made:

2012-04-07 by "parag.2311"

Thanks for the Links above. I had heard there is an ITIL V4 version is soon to be in the month of May. I was planning to get ITIL V3 certified this month only, but I want to make sure Is really ITIL V4 to be expected in a month or so, if YES, I shall get ready for that exam only. Appreciate your comments on this and if possible let us know the date when ITIL V4 is to be in market (if ITIL V4 certification is to be made avaiable).. I assume if i want to get ITIL certified, then ITIL 2011 is the latest version available, Please confirm!!
Reply on 2012-04-17
Many thanks for sending through your comments.

Regarding ITIL V4 there are currently no announced plans for its publications.

The latest updates were published last year and are referred to as ITIL 2011.

We suggest you continue with your plans to get ITIL V3 certified.

All the very best with your studies and examinations.

2012-07-04 by "praveensams"

When are they going to announce itil v4 ?
Reply on 2012-07-09
No time soon as they have only published the updated ITIL V3 in the past year. Visit our bookstore for the latest publications !

2012-07-23 by "narasimha.rajubitla"

Thanks for your inputs ...! I am planning to take my ITIL V3 certification in August 2012. Are you sure that ITIL V4 not going to release soon ??
Reply on 2012-07-27
After the update released less than a year ago we suspect that ITIL V3 will be around for a few years yet.

Good luck with the examination and please let us know how you get on.

2012-09-06 by "shrikant79"

The ITIL V3 (2009) is available in 4 languages only (except English).

If you plan to take ITIL V3 Foundation in English then you need to opt for the latest one which is ITIL 2011 (the current one).
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Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...