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KPIs for ITIL v3 Release and Deployment
At we are committed to providing value to the Service Management marketplace.  This article provides those of you responsible for Release & Deployment a suggested set of KPIs that you can utilise.
Number of software defects in production
Number of bugs or software defects of applications (versions) that are in production.
% of successful software upgrades
Percentage of successful software upgrades (excludes full installations).
Number of untested releases
Number of untested releases i.e. not tested and signed-off.
Number of urgent releases
Number of urgent releases.
Average costs of release
Average costs of release. Costs are most likely based on man-hours spent.
We have sourced the above from If you have any further KPIs then please feel free to share them with us...


2013-06-04 by "tsz"

For a percentage value a base is needed. I wonder what the base of "% of successful software upgrades" may be. I assume it is the number of all releases including the ones that were rolled back.

Beside of this, the number of defects in production for software needs a clear definition. Defects reported by customers usually include change requests as well. Defects found by ourselves could be features in the next release.

Finally a defect could just be a deviation from requirements and specification. But even the requirements and specification could be incomplete - if they exist at all and if they are up to date. There are implicit requirements in almost every software.

If the requirements are not clear, how could the software be and how could the KPI be finally?

I have finally found an additional KPI that tells about the average duration of major deployments from clearance until completion - Duration of Major Deployments.

If some continuous delivery comes into game, the proportion or percentage of automatically rolled out software could be interesting as well.

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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...