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ITIL Request Fulfilment
As ITIL has evolved over the years it has become apparent that certain activities that are undertaken do not benefit from following the well documented ITIL Change Management process every time. In fact if this was the case then ITIL would simply be dismissed as bureaucratic.
Request Fulfilment is the process for managing Service Requests, which more often than not are small, low risk changes initially processed via the Service Desk, using a process similar to that of Incident Management.
To qualify as a Service Requests it is normal for some pre-requisites to be met, for example
  • Needs to be proven - it has been performed successfully before and has been reviewed and approved via Change Management
  • Repeatable
  • Preapproved
  • Proceduralized
In order to resolve one or more incidents, problems or Known Errors, some form of change may be necessary. Smaller, often standard, changes can be handed through a Request Fulfilment process, but larger, higher-risk or infrequent changes must follow the formal Change Management process.


2015-12-10 by "adina2760"

Does Request Fulfilment feed into the CMDB?
Reply on 2015-12-21
Examples of Service Requests vary in some cases from organisation to organisation. The usual suspects include password reset or general information or complaints. Some organisations may include licenses or software media on these ocassions you may wish to consider your 'feed' into the CMDB.

2016-02-15 by "andrea_palmer"

Regarding "you may wish to consider your 'feed' into the CMDB, in what manner do you mean?
Reply on 2016-02-26
What we mean by this is that if you decide to provide software using the Service Request process then you need to consider how or who will update the CMDB to reflect that the Software is attributed to a specific person or CI (laptop or desk top). The latter may be provided by software used to detect newly added software across the network.

Does this help ? If not please come back...

2017-05-11 by "yommy2k"

Thanks for the article above. I have found it quite useful.

I am currently gathering requirements for a new ITSM tool for my organisation and I am quite new to ITIL. Can anyone help with a Request Fulfilment flow? That is from the Trigger to Close of the process. Thank you.

2019-02-11 by "shahedashafique"

Hi - do you have a classification under Service requests, where the customer is asking for something that is not network impacting - for example consultancy cost for a particular project (no change request required). but this request is not pre-agreed.

How is this sort of service request categorised.

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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...