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ITIL Refresh Project - Governance
ITIL Refresh Board - High-level decisions regarding the scope and development of ITIL Version 3 is provided by the ITIL Refresh Board. The following individuals comprise of the Board:
  • Carol Hulm - ISEB
  • Janine Eves - TSO
  • Jenny Dugmore - ISO/IEC 20000 SC7/1 Working Group 25
  • Michael van der Voort - EXIN
  • Aiden Lawes - itSMF
Reporting to the Board is the Chief Architect, Sharon Taylor (OGC/TSO) and the Chief Editor, Jim Clinch (OGC) who also represents OGC's interests as sponsor delegate. The Board is accountable to the OGC. Philip Rushbrook, Director of Knowledge, Innovation, Standards and Skills Division, OGC is the Investment Decision Maker.
ITIL Advisory Group (IAG) - The IAG reviews and approves the approach, structure, direction and scope of the ITIL Refresh, the content of the work packages, and agrees when products are ready to proceed to the quality assurance stage. Representatives from the IT Service Management (ITSM) community who were involved in the consultation process comprise the IAG. Each member is deemed to be an ITSM subject matter expert and active within the ITSM community. The IAG members are:
United Kingdom
Tony Betts
Alison Cartlidge
Ivor Evans
Malcolm Fry
John Gibert
Colin Hamilton
British Computer Society (BCS)
Carol Hulm
Tony Jenkins
British Computer Society (BCS)
Vernon Lloyd
Phil Montanaro
Institute of Service Management (ISM)
Alan Nance
Don Page
Colin Rudd
itSMF Publications committee member
David Wheeldon
Ivor Macfarlane
Majid Iqbal
Bill Powell
Rob Stroud
Ken Wendle
Jan van Bon
itSMF Publications committee member
Lex Hendrix
Paul Wilkinson
Diane Colbeck
James Siminoski
Sergio Rubinato
Christian Nissen
Public Sector
Takashi Yagi
Editorial Control Board - The Editorial Control Board is responsible for the final decisions on scope, development and products of the ITIL Refresh project. The Chief Architect and Chief Editor are the Board's members.
The ITIL Chief Architect has the responsibility for:
  • The scope for each of the 'core' ITIL publications and complementary materials, ensuring consistency and continuity across all the products
  • The creation of the work packages for each volume, including mapping and alignment of the current version of ITIL (version 2) to the refreshed version and the appropriate inclusion of new material
  • Providing leadership for the Author and Mentoring teams and the activities of the IAG
  • Ensuring alignment of the qualifications and standards bodies
The ITIL Chief Editor has the responsibility for:
  • Ensuring each volume is edited in the appropriate manner
  • Ensuring each publication avoids unnecessary assumed knowledge, is concise, understandable and intelligible
  • Ensures the revised guidance continues to meet the needs of the UK public sector
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Keeping up-to-date with ITIL...

Keep up-to-date with ITIL news. Low volume to-the-point bulletins...