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ITIL Planning to Implement Service Management
ITIL Planning to Implement Service ManagementHandbook from the Official Publisher of ITIL
Author: Office of Government Commerce (OGC)
Publisher: TSO (The Stationery Office)

This handbook provides advice and guidance to organisations considering implementing service management.
Key features:
  • A six-step process to planning service management implementation
  • Relationships, roles, organisation and structure
  • Enablers and blockers to successful service management.
216 x 216mm
28 Oct 2010
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The aim of this publication is to give the reader guidance on using recommended practices when planning and implementing IT service management processes and IT services. This publication follows on from the core set, which provides guidance on the alignment and integration of IT services with business needs. It enables the reader to assess the requirements when planning and implementing service management within an organization, and documents industry best practice for their use. Although this publication can be read in isolation, it is recommended that it be used in conjunction with the other ITIL publications, particularly the five ITIL core publications described previously in section 1.1. The guidance in the ITIL publications is applicable generically. It is neither bureaucratic nor unwieldy if utilized sensibly and in full recognition of the business needs of the organization. This publication provides invaluable information on the types of organization, culture and approach necessary for creating the required environment for the successful planning and implementation of service management initiatives.
This publication is relevant to anyone involved in the planning and/or implementation of service management activities within an organization. It will be relevant for IT managers, team leaders, planners, project managers, implementers and practitioners at all levels. The five ITIL core publications need to be read to fully appreciate and understand the overall lifecycle of services and the planning and implementation of IT service management. Business managers may find this publication helpful in understanding and establishing best practice IT services and support. Managers from supplier organizations will also find this publication relevant when setting up agreements for the delivery and support of services.
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